Northern Lights Gymnastics

White River Junction • Vermont

FAQs for Northern Lights Gymnastics


What if the weather is bad?
In case of bad weather, please call the gym (802-295-2070) for updated class information. If we cancel classes, we will provide a scheduled make-up class. Class cancellation information is available by 7:30 am and is also posted on the website. Please call an hour before your class if the weather has recently turned bad.

What should my child wear to class?
Please have your child wear soft, close-fitting clothing; no belts, buckles, snaps, zippers or buttons. Bare feet are best! Long hair must be tied back and no jewelry (including cloth jewelry) should be worn in class. Please, please, please, do not wear shoes in the gym (parents too!), including the office and bathrooms. Shoes can only be worn upstairs.

What are the class procedures?
Please be on time for your class. Put your shoes and clothes in the cubbies upstairs and wait to be called into the gym by your teacher. Two bathrooms are located in the gym; please try to use them before the class starts.

What if my child has to miss a class? Are there make-up classes?

Make-up classes are offered on a space-available basis in age-appropriate classes. Make-ups can only be made during the session when classes were missed. All make-up classes must be scheduled in the office, in advance. Open gym can be used as a make-up class for preschool children.

What if I have a question or concern about my child?

The office is located in the gym (inside the white and glass door). If you have a question or concern, please feel free to ask the instructors or our office staff.

What is the refund policy for Northern Lights Gymnastics?

You must notify Northern Lights Gymnastics of withdrawal immediately following the 2nd class in order to get a refund for the remainder of the session. We will give gym credit for the remainder of the classes for any other notification of withdrawal from class. Notification of withdrawal must be given prior to the day of the class for refund or credit of that class. If you do not notify us of withdrawal, then there will be no credit given. The registration fee is nonrefundable if any one class has been taken.

I have a younger child. Can he/she stay with me during my older child's class?

Siblings of children enrolled in an adult-accompanied preschool class are welcome to be downstairs on the side of the circuit in a stroller, backpack, or seat. Older, unsupervised siblings may be off to the side of the circuit area with an activity. We ask that only the enrolled children be on the equipment during the class. Strollers are not allowed in the circuit area. Strollers are also not allowed on the floor for any class after 2:30 pm.


NORTHERN LIGHTS GYMNASTICS  •  94 Olcott Drive  •  White River Jct, VT 05001  •  (802) 295-2070

Northern Lights Gymnastics

White River Junction • Vermont


94 Olcott Drive  •  White River Jct, VT 05001

(802) 295-2070