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White River Junction • Vermont



The mission of Northern Lights Gymnastics is to provide a fun and safe environment within which children of all ages can learn gymnastics. Our goal is to help build children's self-esteem and confidence as they successfully learn gymnastics skills. To this end, we carefully teach basic skills and continually reinforce and build on these skills. Our recreational and pre-school programs promote fun and cooperation rather than competition.





Northern Lights Gymnastics runs a wide variety of classes during the school year and is open Monday through Saturday. We offer classes to preschool aged children as well as older children and even have adult classes! Our trampoline classes provide an excellent opportunity to work on cross-training skills and we have special times set aside for children who are being home-schooled. We have a preteam which gives girls a taste of competition and an opportunity to see whether they would like to pursue gymnastics more seriously. We also run a competition-level gymnastics team for more advanced gymnasts, providing coaching and competition opportunities for gymnasts from Levels 4 through 10. During the summer months, we run a scaled-down version of classes, along with some camps; we also offer vacation camps and can even host birthday parties on Saturdays!

There are five preschool class sessions each academic year. Sessions run from 5 to 9 weeks, depending on school vacations. There are also three recreational sessions each academic year for school-aged children. In our preschool and recreational programs we work to develop body awareness and cooperation. With younger children, we help develop the ability to follow directions. Children of all ages are encouraged to challenge themselves at the gym. Expectations of gymnastics skills increase as children move through our program. By following proper gymnastics progressions, we ensure both safety and success.

Benefits of Gymnastics:


Fitness: experiencing fun associated with fitness activities early in life can create life-long positive fitness habits.

Mental Focus: learning how to concentrate on a task and achieving goals.

Balance: walking beams can transfer later to riding a bike.

Social Skills: taking turns, working with partners, sharing, making friends and acknowledging the accomplishments of others.

Strength: climbing on bars and ropes develops muscle strength.

Flexibility: improved range of motion through stretching and holding body positions.

Coordination: hand-eye coordination improves writing ability while eye-tracking improves reading readiness.

Burn Calories: and help jump start a life of fitness.

The Sport of All Sports: gymnastics prepares kids for all sports!



September - June Hours

(excluding school vacations and holidays)

Gym Hours:

9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday – Friday
8:45 am to 1:30 pm Saturday


Office Hours:

9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday – Friday


Summer Hours:

8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday – Thursday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm Friday


Coming from I-91, take Exit 13 (Hanover/Norwich). If you are coming from the south, turn left at the end of the exit ramp and turn left again at the next light (VT Route 5). Continue south on Rte 5 for approximately 1 mile and turn left on Olcott Drive. Northern Lights Gymnastics is the 3rd building on the left.

Parking is available directly next to the gym.



Northern Lights Gymnastics is owned and operated by Jill G. Vanderpot. Jill began as a recreational gymnast in 1978 and became a competitive gymnast in 1982. She began coaching in 1988. She attended the University of Vermont where she competed for the Varsity Gymnastics team for 4 years, was captain in 1993, continued coaching and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. Jill has been coaching at NLG since 1994 and has been the owner since 2000. Jill is currently a USA Gymnastics Professional Member, has been the elected State Administrative Committee Chairman of Vermont since 1998 and attends the Regional and National Gymnastics Congresses each year. Jill's love for the sport, the community and the kids are what keep her passion alive.


Katelyn Lowell - Preteam and Xcel Team Director; Preschool and Recreational Instructor; Preteam, Xcel and Team Instructor

Phyllis MacDonald - Preschool Director and Instructor

Valerie Newton - Preschool Instructor, Preteam and Team Dance Instructor

Claire Tierney - Preschool, Recreational, Preteam, Xcel and Team Instructor

Yuriy Volodin - Recreational, Preteam and Team Instructor

Jill G. Vanderpot - Preschool, Recreational, Preteam and Team Instructor


Northern Lights Gymnastics is a USA Gymnastics Member Club and is certified. All instructors have taken the USA Gymnastics safety course, have been background checked and are certified in First Aid and CPR. Northern Lights Gymnastics has an AED on site.

NORTHERN LIGHTS GYMNASTICS  •  94 Olcott Drive  •  White River Jct, VT 05001  •  (802) 295-2070

Northern Lights Gymnastics

White River Junction • Vermont


94 Olcott Drive  •  White River Jct, VT 05001

(802) 295-2070